DAFZA Freezone

Dubai Airport Freezones provide businesses with a strategic and welcoming environment in which to operate in the thriving economic center of Dubai. These freezones are well renowned for offering several advantages and incentives to both domestic and foreign companies, which attracts business owners and investors. What you should know about Dubai Airport Freezones is as follows:

Location: Airport in Dubai Freezones are ideally located close to Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. This proximity helps the transfer of goods and services and provides easy access to international markets.

Variety of Freezones: Dubai Airport Freezones includes a number of freezones, each of which serves a particular industry or class of business. 

Business Benefits:

100% Foreign Ownership: 

Businesses founded in these freezones are permitted to have 100% foreign ownership, giving foreign investors total control over their enterprises.
Tax incentives: 

Companies operating in Dubai Airport Freezones often enjoy long-term periods of no corporate and personal income taxes.
Benefits of Customs: 

Businesses can easily import and export items without the necessity for a local sponsor.
Simplified Regulations:

The freezone authorities offer streamlined procedures for registering businesses, making the process quick and easy.

Wide Range of Industries:

The Dubai Airport Freezones serve a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Technology in Aviation and Space
  • eCommerce
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Communications & Media
  • Advisory & Support Services

Modern Facilities: The freezones include top-notch infrastructure, cutting-edge office spaces, warehouses, and logistical facilities. This robust ecosystem aids companies in running their daily operations.

Business Support Services: Dubai Airport Freezones offer first-rate support services, such as assistance with company creation, processing of visas, legal and administrative support, as well as access to networking events and business seminars.

The easy movement of products and services both domestically and internationally is made possible by Dubai Airport Freezones’ excellent connectivity to main highways and ports.


Businesses operating in these freezones have access to a talented and multicultural labor pool that includes both local and international talent.

Opportunities for networking: 

Companies in the freezone can work together, exchange information, and investigate new possibilities by being a part of a vibrant business community.

Dubai’s Business Ecosystem:

Thanks to its strategic location, stable economy, first-rate infrastructure, and business-friendly government regulations, Dubai itself provides a positive business climate.



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