JAFZA Freezone, Dubai

Overview  JAFZA Freezone in Dubai: A Premier Business and Industrial Hub.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, there is a well-known free zone called Jebel Ali Freezone (JAFZA). JAFZA, which was founded in 1985, has grown into a vibrant commercial and industrial hub that provides businesses in a variety of industries with a wide range of services and facilities. Here is a thorough summary of JAFZA, including all of its amenities, services, and rules:

Facilities & Setting

The Jebel Ali Port, one of the biggest container ports in the world, is strategically close to JAFZA, making it simple to access major shipping lanes across the world.
The freezone is more than 57 square kilometers in size and has top-notch infrastructure, including modern office buildings, industrial zones, and warehouses.

Benefits of Opening a Business in JAFZA

Strategic location: 

JAFZA is a great option for companies involved in logistics and import-export because it is 

close to important transportation networks.

Companies in JAFZA are allowed to have 100% foreign ownership without the aid of a local partner or sponsor.

Tax benefits: 

JAFZA entities are exempt from import/export duties and personal and corporate income taxes.

Various business operations are supported by JAFZA, including those in the trading, manufacturing, logistics, 

e-commerce, and service sectors.

Simplified business setup: 

JAFZA offers an efficient license and registration process, as well as a shortened company creation process.


Licensing & Organizational Design

JAFZA offers a wide range of license categories, including trading, industrial, service, and e-commerce licences, to support a variety of business activities.
The process of starting a business involves submitting the relevant paperwork, fulfilling legal requirements, and obtaining the required licenses.
Emphasis on Logistics and Industry:

The JAFZA is renowned for placing a strong emphasis on industrial and logistical activity, including designated zones and facilities for manufacturing, assembling, storing, and distributing goods.
It offers full logistical services, including transportation choices, storage yards, warehouses, and facilities for handling containers.

Regulatory Structure

JAFZA operates within its own set of rules and laws, providing investor protection, compliance, and openness.

The administration and control of operations inside JAFZA is the responsibility of the Jebel Ali Freezone Authority (JAFZA Authority).

Facilities and Services:

Warehouse and logistics spaces: JAFZA provides a range of modern warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics facilities to support businesses in supply chain management.
Office spaces: JAFZA offers customizable office spaces, business centers, and executive offices to cater to the diverse needs of companies.
Business support services: Various support services, including legal, accounting, banking, and visa assistance, are available to facilitate business operations.
Infrastructure and utilities: JAFZA ensures access to advanced infrastructure, including reliable power, water, and telecommunications services.
Networking and events: JAFZA organizes industry events, exhibitions, and networking sessions to foster collaboration and business growth.

Networking and the Workplace:
JAFZA promotes a thriving business community and makes networking opportunities possible through occasions, conferences, and forums tailored to particular industries.
It aggressively encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and joint ventures between companies operating in the freezone.
An array of businesses, including multinational firms, SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs are drawn to the JAFZA ecosystem.

JAFZA has contributed significantly to Dubai’s economic expansion by luring various international corporations, SMEs, and businesspeople to establish a presence there. JAFZA has established itself as a top choice for enterprises wishing to expand their operations in the Middle East and elsewhere because to its advantageous location, business-friendly regulations, sizable facilities, and strong infrastructure.


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