About Residence Visa for Family Members

  • Employers and employees with valid UAE residence visas can now sponsor residence visas for their families.
  • The new law allows employees to sponsor their families regardless of their job titles, as long as they meet specific income criteria.
  • Employees must earn a minimum salary of AED 4,000 to be eligible for family sponsorship.
  • Alternatively, employees earning AED 3,000 along with company-provided accommodation can also sponsor their families.
    This legal update aims to enhance work-life balance for expatriate employees in the UAE.
  • It recognizes the importance of family unity and fosters a supportive environment for residents.
  • The regulation serves as an incentive for employees to relocate to the UAE and contribute to a more diverse and committed workforce.
  • The UAE’s commitment to family support and inclusivity reinforces its status as an attractive destination for professionals and families seeking growth and stability.

Provided that all applicants must have cleared medical fitness certificates who have completed the age of 18

  • A mother can sponsor her children in special cases approved by the ICP.

  • A resident sponsor has 60 days to apply for his dependents’ residence visa after they enter the UAE under an entry permit.

  • A resident can sponsor his parents, and the residence visa will be granted on a yearly basis regardless of the duration of the sponsor’s visa

  • Medically unfit people will not be granted a residence visa.

  • Residents who are detected with dormant or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis are also considered medically fit and are granted a one-year ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’ subject to treatment and follow-up by the respective health authority.


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