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Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Freezone

A dedicated center for the publishing and media industry, Sharjah Publishing City Freezone or SPC Freezone promotes growth, innovation, and a global presence for businesses in this area. The SPC Freezone acts as a stimulus for the growth of the publishing and media sector in the area thanks to its extensive infrastructure, welcoming climate, and advantageous location.

Businesses who operate there can take advantage of a variety of advantages provided by SPC Freezone. The quick and easy procedure of starting a business is one of the main benefits. Companies’ administrative processes are made simpler by SPC’s integrated registration and licensing system. Businesses can do this to swiftly establish their presence, saving time and effort and allowing them to concentrate on their core company operations.

SPC emphasis on intellectual property protection is one of its distinctive characteristics. To protect the rights of publishers, authors, and content creators, the freezone offers a strong legal framework and strict copyright rules. This dedication to intellectual property rights promotes original content creation, innovation, and creativity in a safe setting.

Unique Features of Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Freezone:

Exclusive Focus on Publishing and Media:

SPC Freezone, unlike other freezones in Dubai or Sharjah, is created and devoted only to the publishing and media sector. It offers a customized setting that is geared to the particular demands and needs of companies working in this industry. Due to its singular emphasis, SPC Freezone is able to provide publishers, authors, content creators, and media companies with specially tailored services, resources, and assistance.

Intellectual Property Rights and Protection: 

Sharjah Publishing City Freezone places a high priority on these issues. To protect the rights of publishers, authors, and content creators, it offers a strong legal framework and strict copyright restrictions. With the assurance that intellectual property is respected and protected within the freezone provided by this special feature, businesses may confidently produce and distribute their unique creations without worrying about plagiarism.

Comprehensive Ecosystem for Collaboration:

SPC Freezone offers a collaborative ecology that promotes networking, knowledge sharing, and industry partnerships. Professionals from the publishing and media industries are brought together by the freezone’s numerous events, seminars, and workshops. Businesses have many opportunities to interact, work together, and discover fresh opportunities for development and innovation thanks to this special feature.

Focus on Cultural and Literary legacy:

This Sharjah Freezone highlights literature, education, and the media in order to honor Sharjah’s recognized cultural and literary legacy. Initiatives to promote the arts, literary festivals, and cultural events are actively supported by the freezone. This special characteristic fosters a dynamic atmosphere that not only encourages economic progress but also promotes and protects Sharjah’s rich cultural heritage.

Strategic Location within Sharjah:

SPC Freezone is positioned strategically within the Sharjah emirate, which is to its advantage. In the region, Sharjah has become a center for culture and creativity that draws media specialists, authors, and artists. The availability of collaboration, research, and talent acquisition opportunities is improved by the freezone’s closeness to important educational institutions, libraries, and cultural hubs. This distinctive edge enhances SPC Freezone’s standing as a center for excellence in media, innovation, and creativity.

In conclusion, Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Freezone stands out from other freezones in the area due to its distinctive qualities, which include its exclusive focus on publishing and media, emphasis on intellectual property protection, extensive ecosystem for collaboration, focus on cultural and literary heritage, and strategic location within Sharjah. These distinctive qualities make SPC Freezone the best option for companies in the publishing and media sector, giving them specialized support, room to grow, and a base from which to flourish in a vibrant and imaginative environment.

Company formation Process in SPC Freezone at Sharjah State

Businesses can quickly establish their presence thanks to the organized and streamlined company creation procedure used in Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Freezone. Here is a summary of the SPC Freezone’s company establishment procedure:

Application Submission: The process starts with the submission of the SPC Freezone application for company formation. Important information including the type of firm, anticipated business activity, and necessary documents are all included in the application.

Documentation: Specific documentation, such as the company’s incorporation papers, shareholder information, passport copies of shareholders and directors, and a business plan, must be submitted with the application. Depending on the type of business and the intended operations, SPC Freezone may require additional documentation.

Preliminary Approval: SPC Freezone reviews and assesses the submission after receiving the application and supporting materials. Preliminary approval is given if the application complies with the rules and requirements.

Legal process: After receiving preliminary approval, the legal process starts. This entails executing the relevant legal paperwork, such as the Lease Agreement and Memorandum of Association (MOA), for an office building or other facility.

Payment of Fees: The final step is to pay all required fees, including the licensing charge, the company registration fee, and any necessary security deposits. SPC Freezone ensures openness in the procedure by providing a thorough breakdown of the associated fees.

License Issuance: The trade license and other essential permissions required for the business’s operation are issued by SPC Freezone following the conclusion of the legal processes and payment of the applicable fees. The license explains the terms and restrictions for conducting business in the SPC Freezone and lists the permitted business activities.

Office Setup: Following receipt of the license, the business may move forward with establishing its office or facility within the SPC Freezone. To meet the unique needs of the business, the free zone provides flexible solutions, such as coworking spaces, individual offices, or facilities that are specially designed.

Visa Processing: After that, businesses can start the visa processing for their shareholders and employees. SPC Freezone supports the visa application process by advising on the appropriate paperwork and facilitating the relevant steps.

Beginning of Operations: After the company’s offices have been set up and its visas have been processed, it can start operating in the SPC Freezone and take use of the favorable climate, supportive infrastructure, and services offered by the freezone.


SPC License Prices Packages

  • Yearly

Publishing License

AED 5,750 Yearly

  • Print, Publishing, Media, E-commerce

  • Upto 7 Share Holders

  • Upto 5 Business Activities

  • Upto 6 Visa Quota


Entrpreneur Package

AED 6,500 Yearly

  • Service,Trading, E-commerce & Media

  • Upto 5 Share Holders

  • Upto 3 Business Activities

  • 1 Visa Quota


Standard Package

AED 8,050 Yearly

  • Manufacturing & Trading

  • Upto 7 Share Holders

  • Upto 5 Business Activities

  • Upto 6 Visa Quota

License Types in SPC Freezone
Tailored Solutions for Publishing & Media Businesses

The Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Freezone is the sub sector of Sharjah Freezones, provides a variety of licenses that are specifically suited to the requirements of companies working in the publishing and media sectors. The SPC Freezone offers the following sorts of licenses:

Publishing License: This license is appropriate for businesses involved in scholarly publishing, book publishing, magazine publishing, and digital publishing. It enables companies to create, share, and market printed or digital publications.

License for Printing: This license is intended for businesses that provide printing services, including large-scale, digital, and commercial printing. Businesses can now provide printing services for a range of publishing requirements, including those for books, periodicals, brochures, and promotional materials.

Distribution and Logistics License: For businesses involved in the distribution and logistics of published goods, the distribution and logistics license is the best option. It enables companies to manage the distribution, storage, and transportation of publications such as books, magazines, and newspapers.

Media Production License: This license is appropriate for businesses engaged in media production activities, such as the creation of content and the production of films, television, radio, and animated works. It makes it possible for companies to create top-notch media content for a range of platforms and channels.

Intellectual Property License: This license is intended for businesses that provide licensing, copyright protection, and other services connected to managing intellectual property rights. Within the SPC Freezone, it permits companies to provide legal and advising services related to intellectual property.

Events and exhibits License: This license is intended for organizations who plan conferences, exhibits, festivals, and other events that are connected to the publishing and media sector. Businesses can arrange and oversee industry-specific events that bring together experts, writers, publishers, and media aficionados.

These are some of the SPC Licenses for more details please reach out SNI Zone Business Consultancy and Get Free Consultation for your business


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